rebar cold forging and threading sevices


on-site threading services

to facilitate the use of 世界杯2022赛程时间 s, we offer on-site threading service. our skilled and experienced workforce shall take care of all the hassles associated with on-site machine installation and rebar threading.

splicing method

type a
it is used when at least one connecting rebar can be rotated. both the rebars are threaded for half the length of the coupler.
type b (position rebar coupler)
it is used in applications where none of the re-bar can be rotated. one bar is threaded for full coupler length and the other is threaded for half of coupler length. typical applications include prefabricated cages, bent bars, and precast structural elements.

bar-end preparation

kosmo cold forged 2022世界杯欧洲赛程时间表

1. forging
the reinforcing bar is enlarged by cold forging process, thus increasing its diameter
2. threading
standard iso metric threads are then cut onto the enlarged end
3. mechanical splicing
finally splice the rebar by threaded 乐鱼直播官网 cold forged coupler

kosmo parallel threaded 2022世界杯欧洲赛程时间表

1. peeling
the ribbing at the end of the rebar is peeled
2. threading
the peeled end of the rebar is rolled thread as per stand iso metric
3. mechanical splicing
coupler can be used to connect the two rebars

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